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What We Do

Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Alliance Of Churches (TAPAC) promotes and establishes Apostolic Succession within the Pentecostal Charismatic tradition. TAPAC is established to serve as an umbrella body for the member churches and Organizations and to represent them collectively in dealing with issues affecting the churches and Christian organizations, promoting and protecting the physical and spiritual interests of its member-churches, and setting up an active prayer network among member-churches to provide prayer support to churches, church leaders and governments.

TAPAC is established to Ordain Ministers, consecrated Bishops and inaugurate Archbishops for the efficient working of the member-churches and the Alliance. Such Bishops and Archbishops whom TAPAC consecrates have an official consecration number, which indicate seniority and level of authority. Such Bishops and Archbishops recognize and respect Bishops and Archbishops of other churches and traditions and work together with them in any way possible.

TAPAC is established to promote joint efforts in discipleship, evangelism, Church planting, teaching, fundraising, fellowship, and worship, and to enables members Churches to work in close co-operation with one another, gives strength to the weak and encouragement to the strong by sharing ideas, personnel and resources. Opens many possible opportunities for members in the long or short-term missions.

TAPAC is established to provide platform for study and investigation of all problems relating to the effective expansion of the body of Christ globally, and the well-being of humankind including matters concerning economic, social and political issues, and to offer Spiritual counseling to churches and governments where possible.

TAPAC is established to Networking, sharing fellowship and information, and working together with other local and National organizations, which seek to bring together churches for like-purpose and to promote activities, which will encourage and build young people to seek and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and to create opportunities for them to take up the challenge as future leaders?

TAPAC is established to contribute towards improvement of education and health in developing countries, and providing spiritual, social, economic and emotional assistance to people in need.

  • The preaching of the Gospel of the kingdom of God for a witness to all nations.
  • The preparation of the members of the body of Christ to attain the fullness of the stature of Christ
  • The Spiritual unity of all men and women on the face of the earth who have received Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour
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