About TAPAC Global

TAPAC is established to give guidance, support, empowerment, training & education, authenticity, accountability and recognition to those individuals’ ministers and churches which are members of the Alliance.

Our aim is to foster VISIBLE UNITY AND CO-OPERATION among churches, to create a vibrant mission field with a commonly shared focus to encourage the unification of the body as one in our Lord Jesus Christ as we reach out to the world through the preaching of the gospel.

In essence, TAPAC is representative of a compelling drive of ever-increasing faith and an inspired catalyst for targeting upcoming preachers of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with a fervent desire to reach out in power to the glory of our Almighty God.

TAPAC will achieve its aim through the systematic and unrelenting advocacy for a united and persuasive soul-winning field force; where divisions are marginalised and where the consistent pursuit of unity and purpose is celebrated.

Finally TAPAC will continue to pursue visible unity among the body of Christ. I have a burning desire to encourage church leaders in our day to set aside debilitating differences that marginalise purpose for which Christ built His church. My heart’s desire is to focus on the key binding building blocks that encourage fellowship one with another as Ministers and churches of the one true gospel.

Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Alliance of Churches ( TAPAC ) is a uniting body of Independent Charismatic/Pentecostal churches and organizations throughout the world; giving guidance, support, empowerment, training & education, authenticity and recognition to those individuals and churches and their leaders which are members of the Alliance

By the Alliance TAPAC enables members to work in close co-operation with one another. Gives strength to the weak and encouragement to the strong by sharing ideas, personnel and resources. Opens up many possible opportunities for members in the long or short-term missions.

TAPAC harnesses the special gifts of its individual members and member-churches for the wider recognition and use in continuing the work of our Lord Jesus Christ until He returns.

We do this to ensure that TAPAC continues to be an able organization that is ardent about helping people called by God to offer their services where God has sent them on the harvest

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